Does Heidi Klum Hate Her Bob?

Heidi KlumBy now, you've probably seen Heidi Klum in her new bob.

She's sported it on talk shows and at parties, and I've sort of wanted to hate her for looking so dang good, even in a schoolgirl-style short cut and heavy bangs.

It even had me wondering if I could pull off the look myself.

Curious, I looked up recent photos of Ms. Klum and that's when the real truth came out.

Yes, Heidi looks fantastic ... when her hair and makeup have been handled by professionals.

When she's left to her own devices?

Well, you'll just have to see the hairtastrophe for yourself.

We'll call it Bob, Interrupted and you can check it out in a candid shot below ...




Heidi KlumSee for yourself, ladies -- the oiliness, the awkward waves, the moplike texture of Heidi's unstyled hair.

Could it be that this superstar's locks are ...


Anyway, this shot is the prime reason why I keep my hair long. Because if I cut it short, I'm afraid it would look like this most of the time.

And that would not be good.

Another thing? On her own, Heidi keeps her bangs pinned up off her forehead more often than not, which also has me rethinking the whole bang idea.

What do you think of these revelations? Is Heidi's 'do more trouble than its worth? Are bangs of the devil?

These are important issues, people!


Images via Splash News

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