A Stylish Umbrella Makes Rainy Days Brighter

Echo Design UmbrellaRainy days can really put a damper on a girl's style.

And nothing ruins a carefully-chosen outfit quite like pulling a ratty, dirty umbrella out of your car trunk and using it to keep dry.

That's why it's worth your while to invest in a stylish umbrella. Fortunately, there are plenty out there to choose from ...

... like this bold stripe umbrella (EchoDesign.com, $38).

Read on to see more umbrellas that will meet any budget requirement!





Fred Flare UmbrellasI'm dying for one of these rain parade mini umbrellas (FredFlare, $32). They'd make great gifts for your friends as well!



Target UmbrellaI love the retro style of this bubble umbrella (Target, $16.99). Forget about the rain blowing your umbrella upside down with this one!


Aspinas of London UmbrellaThis gold and black top umbrella with gold lotus flower canopy (Aspinal of London, $225) is the most luxurious umbrella I've ever seen. Hey, lady, if you've got the money, go for it! 



Dorothy Perkins UmbrellaLove, love, LOVE the look and the price of this black and white spot umbrella (Dorothy Perkins, $12).


MOMA UmbrellaYou'll always have sunny skies with this sky umbrella (MOMA Store, $35).


Unique Vintage UmbrellaFinally, you'll turn heads with this colorful purple daisy umbrella (Unique Vintage, $25).

Got an umbrella you love? Tell me about it!


Images (top to bottom): Echo Design; Fred Flare; Target; Dorothy Perkins; MOMA Store; Unique Vintage

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