Get Super Shiny Hair -- Here's How

You know those Pantene commercials where the model flashes and flips her super shiny hair? Yeah, it makes me jealous, too.

My hair is definitely shinier in the winter. I think the summer sun sucks all the shine from my strands. So, I'm determined to get luminous locks back this summer with these tips and products.

Try it ... I guarantee you'll love it!


First, use conditioner on your hair from root to tip. Unless your hair is very oily at the crown.

Just before you get out of the shower, rinse it with cold water. This will close the cuticles to add shine. 

Once a week, use Frederic Fekkai's Salon Clear Glaze Shine Rinse ($28). It's like the glazes professional salons use without shelling out all the dough. This formula has lightweight silicone that coats the cuticle for optimum shine.

Then if necessary, add Josie Maran's Argan Oil Hair Serum ($30) to the tips. Just a bit will go a long way. The antioxidants and vitamin E create a luminous look and prevent dehydration.

Finally, spray with PhytoSpecific Extreme Shine Spray ($26). Karanja oil and chamomile create a sleek finishing touch.

Okay, okay -- pricey, I know. But a little bit goes a long way so you can shell it out once and it will last for a few months.

Do you spend a lot on hair product? Would you?


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