Material Girl: Who's That Girl Modeling for Madonna?

Material Girl CollectionThough it's been kept top-secret of who the face for Madonna's fashion line, Material Girl Collection, is, it hasn't stopped us from guessing.

Madonna personally hand-picked the celebrity, who is supposedly known for her hit teen drama series and her frayed, rocker-tinged style off-screen.


My guess is Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl. You can't get much more teen drama series than that show, plus the model has platinum blonde locks and a freckle above her lip, just like Momsen.

Madonna says that the Material Girl is a "spontaneous and fearless individual who invents her own fashion trends and is never afraid to make a bold, creative statement. She is influenced by her eclectic taste in music, dance, and Hollywood."

Hmm ... yeah, I'm going to go with Momsen.

The big reveal will be at the end of this month.

Who do you think it is?


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