Matching Family Clothes -- Are You a Fan of the Matchy?

Matchy Matchy
Queen of the Matchy
We've all seen matchy-matchy families, most often standing in line at Disneyland or posing for photos on the beach.

But I'm betting you've never seen anything as matchy as this mom I spotted yesterday.

Woman? I dub thee Queen of the Matchy!

I personally have a love-hate relationship with the matchy-matchy.

I want to hate it, but have to admit my kids would probably LOVE it if the three of us had matching outfits. And certain matchy-matchy parent/child catalogs I receive in the mail have me rethinking the idea.

Check out a few matchy-matchy looks I love -- and see a photo of my own personal run-in with the matchy (courtesy of my mom, of course!) after the jump ...





Matchy Matchy

This is about as matchy as I've ever gotten, and even then, it was only because it all was purchased by my mom a couple of summers ago. It is cute, I have to admit -- particularly the matching dress my daughter's doll is wearing. You can read my personal matchy story here.


Hanna Andersson

What really makes me rethink the matchy, though, is one of my favorite catalogs around -- Hanna Andersson. It features matchy-matchy clothing for the whole family, but it looks so cute and comfortable that it's hard not to get swept up in the Hanna fantasy (Hanntasy?) and order matching clothing for us to wear every single day of the week.


Hanna AnderssonSee what I mean? I love this look, particularly for summer. And my daughter would, too.


Hanna Andersson                                             Okay, so this is maybe taking things a bit far ...

So, ladies -- what do you think about the matchy-matchy look? How far will you go with it? Is it totally cute? Or totally tacky?


Images (top to bottom): Lindsay Ferrier; Lindsay Ferrier;;;

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RanaA... RanaAurora

That first picture is HORRENDOUS! Though, you know, if your kid gets lost, all you have to say is, "They're wearing a gaudy, awful shirt just like this one!"

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Having matching outfits is ok if your having pictures done but not all of the time. Instead of matching the same outfits find another outift with smialr colors or patterns. Some of these pictures are cute but some are way over the top.

ZandC... ZandCsmom1968

My mom did this to me one Easter when I was 4.  It's cute to see the pic.  I would never do it to my kids.  I dress them to stand out when we go into a crowd.  Usually Neon Orange or Pink. But I don't dress like them. 

nonmember avatar Bitchin' Amy

All I can think looking at that first pic is --- the fabric must've been on sale at Wal-Wart.

I can't stant matchy-matchy families.  The closest I ever got was a family portrait of all of wearing jeans and cream cable-knit sweaters.  All different, but similar.  One of the sweaters (that was the inspiration) was knitted by my grandmother and I wore it as a little girl.



nonmember avatar Wisconsin Mommy

I think I like co-ordinated outfits rather than matching ones.  Colors that are complimentary or similar look nice.  Matching prints...I'm not sold on them just yet!

ibebr... ibebreezy

my father buys all 4 of us the old navy flag shirts for the forth of july every year but in different colors. some days they want to wear a tie dye or something that i'm wearing so i let them but i would never force us all to match... the bathing suits is going too far in my opinion.

absolutely love the dresses in the hannah ad :)

theAm... theAmberShow

I think it's sweet when kids are little!  Not full on, gawdy home-sewn monstrosities like the pic you snapped, though!

nonmember avatar agirlandaboy

I'll admit to thinking about my family's outfits as a whole when I know we're going to be photographed (i.e., pretty much every day, if I have anything to do with it), but I try to stick to "outfits that won't clash with each other." So, matchy? NO. Coordinating in a non-offensive way? Yes.

Madam... MadameQueen

My husband absolutely has a conniption if we are dressed even in the same color family.  He'll actually change, unless he called dibs on the color first (which is a rarity).  I think that being coordinated is sooo different from being matchy matchy.  In your picture y'all were nicely coordinated without being over the top.  Now the doll and the daughter matching?  SO CUTE.  Totally okay, in my opinion. :)

KatieP. KatieP.

I think that the woman should never ever ever wear something like that but I still think its cute

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