Matching Family Clothes -- Are You a Fan of the Matchy?

Matchy Matchy
Queen of the Matchy
We've all seen matchy-matchy families, most often standing in line at Disneyland or posing for photos on the beach.

But I'm betting you've never seen anything as matchy as this mom I spotted yesterday.

Woman? I dub thee Queen of the Matchy!

I personally have a love-hate relationship with the matchy-matchy.

I want to hate it, but have to admit my kids would probably LOVE it if the three of us had matching outfits. And certain matchy-matchy parent/child catalogs I receive in the mail have me rethinking the idea.

Check out a few matchy-matchy looks I love -- and see a photo of my own personal run-in with the matchy (courtesy of my mom, of course!) after the jump ...






Matchy Matchy

This is about as matchy as I've ever gotten, and even then, it was only because it all was purchased by my mom a couple of summers ago. It is cute, I have to admit -- particularly the matching dress my daughter's doll is wearing. You can read my personal matchy story here.


Hanna Andersson

What really makes me rethink the matchy, though, is one of my favorite catalogs around -- Hanna Andersson. It features matchy-matchy clothing for the whole family, but it looks so cute and comfortable that it's hard not to get swept up in the Hanna fantasy (Hanntasy?) and order matching clothing for us to wear every single day of the week.


Hanna AnderssonSee what I mean? I love this look, particularly for summer. And my daughter would, too.


Hanna Andersson                                             Okay, so this is maybe taking things a bit far ...

So, ladies -- what do you think about the matchy-matchy look? How far will you go with it? Is it totally cute? Or totally tacky?


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