'Clueless' Calvin Klein Dress Recreated -- My Pre-Teen Dream

CluelessI loved the movie Clueless growing up, and Cher, she was, like, totally my fashion idol back in the day. Of course, I was 9 at the time, and didn't realize that wearing slinky dresses and boas to high school wasn't realistic. All I knew is that I wanted to drive around in a white Jeep wearing fabulous clothes, just like her.


Well, I don't have the Jeep (the closest I came was my first car, which was a black '90 Geo Tracker), but I can now buy the dress. You know the dress. The white "'Cher, what are you wearing?' 'A dress!' 'Says who?' 'Calvin Klein!'" dress.


Calvin Klein is resurrecting the old pattern that was featured in the 1995 movie after the co-owner of a popular LA boutique, Confederacy, geeked out on CK's creative director about it. It's being sold exclusively at that boutique and comes in Cher's original white as well as red.

But it sells at $916.

Whomp, whomp. Guess I won't be getting it after all. Another childhood dream bites the dust.

Were you a fan of the fashions in Clueless? What was your favorite outfit?


Image via YouTube.com

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