Turn Jeans Into Shorts -- It's Easy, I Swear

Have an old pair of pants lying around that are: Too short, too long, too baggy, ripped, or has a stain?

Um ... who doesn't?! I'm guilty of hoarding clothes. I think I still have some from college (I graduated in 2003). But, I always think I might need them one day, or with all the DIY rage going on, I can turn them into something new.

I love these DIY summer shorts. They aren't daisy dukes (thank god) but kind of a combo between Bermuda and boyfriend shorts.

Bonus: No sewing required! See how easy it is ...


DIY Summer Shorts from Academichic

  • Old jeans to be cut up
  • A pair of well fitting shorts for comparison purposes
  • Scissors

Pick a pair of jeans that you won’t be sorry to cut up. Of all my jeans, I was most willing to part with these black DKNY ones that I thrifted a few years back. Since I’m really liking a narrow or skinny jean cut as of late, I decided to breathe new life into this flared pair by converting them to shorts.

It helps if you already own a pair of well fitting shorts that you could use as a measuring guide. These don’t have to be jean or dress shorts, even a pair of workout shorts would do if you like how they fit and the length is a good indicator for how long you’d liked your new pair to be. I love the fit of these tweed shorts, so I used them as my measuring guide. I found this to be easier than trying to mark the jeans or to indicate with pins the length I’d like to achieve.

Simply lay your model pair of shorts on top of the jeans and cut a few good inches lower. Make sure your jeans are lying the same way as the shorts -- with the hem seams lined up. The front waistband will be lower when the hems match up (see top image for example). Don’t match up the waistbands because this will result in uneven leg seams once the shorts are on (you need more fabric in the tush area).

Once you’ve double checked that the shorts and jeans are lined up correctly, start cutting a good section below the hems of the model shorts. Account for rolling the hem if that’s what you want to do and err on the longer side with your first cut.

After you cut both jean legs off, roll the cuffs for your desired end effect and try them on for fit. Trim another inch or two off if they’re too long or enjoy more of a trouser shorts look. Style as desired.

Follow along at Academichic with pics.

Would you make DIY summer shorts?


Images via Academichic.com

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