Loving Material Girl Collection Accessories

Material Girl CollectionOkay, it kind of sucks that the new Material Girl Collection from Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, excuse me, "Lola," is only in junior sizes, meaning those uber-cute skirts, jackets, and tees will be way too small for me to squeeze into. So, let's just ogle at the accessories, shall we?


Studs, studs, and more studs make me a happy girl. And how hot is that cross ring? I so have my eye on that. The jewelry seems to definitely have a rock-star vibe to it, which is super-trendy right now. The studded purses also add a bit of badass flair, and the ripped tights are "like totally '80s."

Material Girl Collection

Material Girl Collection

Actually, I have a pair of tights that I ripped to create a look almost exactly like this one. Just rip your own, people, save some money. They look great paired with oversized shirts, shorts, or mini skirts.

The Material Girl Collection debuts at Macy's on August 3 and ranges in price from $11 to $40.

What do you think about the accessories for this line? Are they your style?

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