Bright White Nail Polish: I Tried It! I Liked It!

White nail polish -- white-out white. Weird? Or super-chic?

Scarlett Johansson sported bright white nails back in '07 and Gwen Stefani rocked it last year. And it's hot (or shall we say cool) for summer.

I either love super-bright colors on my toes or subtle translucent creams and pinks. Bright white is kind of a combo of both, so I decided to try it out.

I think white nail polish can be classic and classy or funky and punky, like '80s day-glo -- it all depends on how you dress.

Check out the results ...




Voila! I love this look.

It's fresh, clean, goes with mostly any outfit, and makes me look super-tan.

Plus, I've surprisingly got many nice comments on the street.

I used SpaRitual -- my new fave vegan nail polish brand that's free of DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene -- in the opaque Wipeout ($10).

Would you try bright white nails?


Images (top to bottom): Brianne DiSylvester, Brianne DiSylvester

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