Style Dare: Hair Extensions

Cheerz WigLike, OMG!

Did you ever wonder how the girls in those cheer competitions on television get their hair to stay in those perfect corkscrew curls?

They're totally wearing hairpieces! For realz! Even better, this Cheerz by Easihair Hairpiece is just $36, so you could, like, totes rock this look yourself!

(Why do cheerleaders all think identical Shirley Temple curls are the way to win a competition, anyway? I don't get that at all.)

Anyway, this Cheerz wiglet is just one interesting hairpiece I found in a search for wigs and extensions.

Read on to see more interesting wiggy finds -- and then check out my the extensions I try on my own hair ... including bangs!




As far as elaborate drag queen wigs go, you can't get much crazier than the wigs featured at I'd love to try wearing one of these wigs out one night, just to see other people's reactions ...

Drag Queen Wigs

... but in the meantime, I'm taking a more subtle approach. I try out a hair extension (perhaps "try out" isn't the best word for it -- I wear it all the time!) in this week's Style Dare over at Her Nashville Magazine. And I also try on bangs.

Look at the photos and tell me if you think I should get bangs in real life -- I'm really thinking about it!


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