Tanning Ban on Teens, Implants and Planes Don't Mix & More News

tanning bedMost of us would like to change at least one thing about our physical appearance (dear cellulite, please go away), but a few of us go to unhealthy extremes to actually change it. Here are some items that have recently been in the news:

  • Big implants and planes don't mix. At least they didn't for a particular Russian model whose 44J chest was smacked into the seat in front of her during turbulence, causing her implants to rupture, and now she's suing the airline company. -- Bella Sugar
  • A new study shows that females who used Botox were less emotional after watching emotionally charged videos. Because Botox freezes facial muscles, they weren't able to have a physical reaction, which lessened the overall emotional experience. Botox ... the new anti-depressant. -- Allure
  • The new tanning tax begins on Thursday, but that may not be the only change for sun-lamp worshipers. There's been talk of having a tanning ban for teenagers. -- am NY


Image via Evil Erin/Flickr

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