Tattooed Moms: More Beautiful Ink

chest tattooWhen I wrote about and featured tattooed moms, it just made me want more tattoos. Some of you have pretty flowers, tattoos in honor of your kids, matching tattoos with your husband -- and I love seeing all of them.

Check out Katie's (aurorabunny) sexy chest tattoo. She has a ton of them and I'll show you more in a minute, but let's take a look at some other spots moms have been tattooed.


April has an ankle tattoo. She got it when she was 18. "I loved The Cult," she said, "and felt that best represented my rock 'n' roll self, circa early '90s." Tattoos like this are memorable and take you back to a time in your life.

ankle tattoo

Sasha and her husband just got matching tattoos for their anniversary. It's their initials together. R for Rob and S for Sasha. I love this -- it's like a secret code that activates when they are together. This is my kind of romantic gesture.

couple tattooinitial tattoo













This is my back. I'm a Scorpio and the neck tattoo represents the sign's two ruling planets -- Pluto and Mars. Yes, I got this when Pluto was actually a planet. The bat-winged dagger has nothing to do with Twilight -- Kristen Stewart was about 5 years old when I got it. It's from what I'll call my goth years.

back tattoo

This is my lower back. The part that my hair is covering is an old one and I had the flower swirls added two years ago. I love the dots.

lower back tattoo

And this is Katie's back -- a work in progress. So pretty. I would get those stars everywhere.

full back tattoo

She also has tattoos of two important causes in her life -- pitbulls and autism. She was in this year's Pinup for Pitbulls calendar and her adorable son, Brody, has autism. You may also know her as one of our guest writers on Special Needs

pit bull tattooautism tattoo









Do you have tattoos? Are you going to get more?

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