'True Beauty' Recap -- How Do You Behave When No One Is Watching?

Every Tuesday I'll blog about last night's True Beauty episode. Ten contestants think they are competing in a beauty contest to be the "Face of Vegas," but they're secretly being judged on their inner beauty.

Last week, these beauties had the opportunity to help a woman in "need" who lost her diamond engagement ring. It came down to Craig and David and, thank the Lord, crazy eyes David went home.

Now can we please with a cherry on top get rid of Liz?! At the very least to just stop the gross Liz/Craig love affair. 

This week they're being tested on how they behave when no one is watching ... so they think.

*Spoiler Alert*


Beauties were tour guides on a double-decker bus and the tourists graded their knowledge of the city, look, and enthusiasm.

There was one ringer tourist who gave a bad review to each beauty. The bus driver opted to change the score to a good review. Liz was the only one who took the bait and failed. 

Liz and Michelle were on the chopping block. Liz got the boot for many reasons. When the panel was revealing the secret behind True Beauty and showing her bad clips, Liz walked out! Oh no, she didn't!

What about you ... do you act differently when no one is around?

I live with my boyfriend and we also both work from home. I love him but ugh ... it's a little much sometimes.

I LOVE when he leaves and I get a little alone time. Whether an hour or for the night, I just feel more relaxed ... like I don't have to take care of everything and everyone. It's just me and the pup.

So I guess I really don't act differently, it's more of a feeling of relief (that sounds bad) that nothing and no one is going to disturb my alone time peace.

Do you act differently or have a secret behavior you do when your sig-o is away?


Images (top to bottom): ABC.com; ABC.com

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