Will You Spend $25,000 on Shoes Before You Die?

Anticline Wedges AnthropologieWell, that's what a new study says about women and the price of their shoe purchases over a lifetime.

Over on StyleList, I read about this new study by British insurance company GoCompare.com, which found that women spend an average of £34.99 (about $53) per pair, which adds up to £244.93 (almost $370) per year, and $16,410 over 67 years, according to the paper.

Wow, those shoes can really add up!


Also according to the study, four out of ten women in the study admitted to judging other women based on their shoes, and more than half of the women felt no guilt about buying new shoes. That's right ... er, I mean, oh my!

Plus, the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes (close, I own 21 pairs) and buys seven pairs of shoes per year (hmm, I've only purchased three pairs that I can remember; I think I'm behind here ...).

Well, I wouldn't want to let anyone down regarding these findings. This post contains three picks toward 2010's seven pairs and my personal lifetime goal of $25,000. 


Anticline Wedges ($158) at Anthropologie

Banker Lamp Heel green heelsyellow wedges


Banker Lamp Heel ($64.99) at ModCloth

Kenneth Cole Reaction Cedar Dew ($79 $59.99) at Piperlime

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Are you doing your part to keep this study honest?


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