Color of the Week: Bright White

white clothingNot sure about the rest of you, but the hot weather here in New York is already getting to be pretty brutal, and I'm finding myself wearing lighter colored clothing with each passing summer day.


White is not usually a color that I wear often, but if the June temperatures are a hint to how the rest of this summer will be, I have a feeling they will become a staple in my wardrobe rotation.

To keep from looking completely washed out, throw on some bright colored accessories or slip on some candy-colored pumps for an unexpected pop of color.

Top left, clockwise:

  • Woven shirt with wraparound belt ($20) from Forever 21
  • White linen pants ($45) from Gap
  • White patent peep toe heel ($19) from AmiClubWear
  • XOXO Women's XO3187 silver dial strap watch ($20)
  • Bow front shoulder bag ($38) from Yes Style
  • Skinny mid-rise studded jeans ($110) from net-a-porter

Do you tend to wear more white in the summer?

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