Victoria Beckham Has New Long Locks: Love or Hate Her Look?

victoria beckhamAlways trendy Victoria Beckham recently traded her signature bob for longer locks. Flowy extensions now trail down past the tiny designer's shoulders, which, in my opinion, soften her look.


victoria beckhamShe was rocking her new 'do after dealing with rumors that she and sexy soccer star hubby David Beckham were headed to splitsville. Lots of celebrities have been known to change up their look after a break-up (remember Kate Gosselin's attempt at extensions?), but hopefully this isn't a "breakover."

I think she looked beautiful with short hair, but the sharp angles made her sometimes appear a bit harsh and cold. The long waves definitely make her look less robotic ... now if she'd just smile!

What do you think of her new look? Like her better with long or short hair?


Images via Tawny RockerazziFlickr,

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