Easy Summer 'Do: Leave the House With Wet Hair

It's a bazillion degrees outside. Like seriously, WTF is going on? Hello heatwave.

So in an effort to exert as little energy as possible and prolong my inevitable sweating, I've perfected a wet bun hairstyle. It requires little work and you never need to use a blow-dryer.

Bonus: It keeps you cool, looks chic, and creates great waves once you take your hair down. Excellent style for day two!






Wash your hair as you normally do and then blast it with super-cold water.

Towel dry, comb through, and part on the side or center -- whichever way you part.

Smooth with an oil or serum. I like Josie Maran's Argan Oil Hair Serum ($30) on the tips. This will increase shine, rejuvenate dead ends, and moisturize for healthier, silkier hair. Plus, I love the bergamot scent and it's super-lightweight and never greasy.

Work through your tresses on the ends and pull back in a low bun.

Secure with a hair clip like Sephora's Small Hair Claw ($8). Don't use a hair tie -- it will only create more split ends.

Once the temp lowers at night, let your hair down to reveal soft rolling waves.

Have you tried this yet?


Images (top to bottom): Amy L Riddle/Flickr; Sephora.com; Sephora.com

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