The Strangest and Sexiest Perfumes in the World

"The turned earth with a touch of last season's corn stalks."

That's the description perfumer Demeter gives its Dirt cologne (, $39). I found Dirt after reading a post on Yahoo! featuring some of the strangest scents known to man.

Demeter makes quite a few strange colognes, including Laundromat (, $39), Play-Doh (, $31), and Gin and Tonic (, $39).

Intrigued, I looked online for more interesting scents, only to learn that some of the strangest scent stories involve colognes you probably recognize.

Want to know which popular women's perfume was created by a famed designer who supposedly wanted it to smell like "a man's crotch"?

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Black OrchidHere's your answer. Black Orchid was Tom Ford's first scent, and according to this fascinating article, he was widely rumored to have insisted that it smell like a dude's twig and berries.


And there's more. Read this juicy bit:

The great French perfumer Jacques Guerlain once said that perfumes should smell of "the underside of my mistress." The scents he created, such as Jicky (1889) and Shalimar (1925), were tinged with vaginal and anal smells.

How many of our grandmothers wore Shalimar? What do you think they'd have to say about this revelation?! 



From then on, my research got weirder and weirder. I found this gem, called Secretions Magnifique, which contains "the essence of blood, sweat, saliva, and sperm."

Secretions Magnifique may be Etat Libre D'Orange's most controversial perfume, but the French perfumer has several other "interesting" options as well, including perfumes called Fat Electrician and Delicious Closet Queen

Ooh la la!







Then there's Dzing! (, $135), a scent inspired by the circus.

One reviewer describes it as smelling of "warm animals, their straw, their dung, their saddles, and the aroma of cotton candy mixed in."








Finally, there's Cumming, a scent Cummingdesigned by actor Alan Cumming. (No, the name wasn't lost on them. Check out this hilarious promotional video.) The scent is described as having base notes of "leather, peat fire, highland mud, burned rubber, and white truffle."

I don't know about you, but if my man smelled like peat fire, highland mud, and burned rubber, I'd send him straight to the showers.

However, the scent did well enough that Sephora carried it for a time after its release, a fact that surprised even the actor who gave his name to the scent.

This foray into unusual scents makes me wonder:


If you could bottle any scent and wear it, what would it be? Personally, I think of scents that have been done before: grass, soap, gardenias at night ... but maybe there's a strange scent you personally love, like gasoline or Sour Patch Kids. Tell me about your own strange scent idea!

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