Lady Gaga Falls: Was It Her High Horse or Platforms?

lady gagaStars ... they really are like us! If they wear huge platform shoes, they fall. Guess Us Weekly had it right all along.

Not that us normal people would ever wear huge platforms like the ones Lady Gaga was wearing when she took a tumble at Heathrow Airport yesterday, but hey, just goes to show that they can be clumsy ... just like us!


The paparazzi got their revenge from when she flipped them the bird last week by photographing the entire thing. It's like one of those flip books where the character looks like they're moving if you click really fast.


And down she goes.

Lady Gaga

I would feel sorry for her, but come on, you're asking for it when you wear leather chaps and heels so tall that you make Shaq look short.

Geez, lots of bad press for Gaga lately. Hope this physical fall isn't a sign of a career fall.

Have you ever fallen because of your choice of outfit? Think she had it coming to her by wearing this?


Image via Domain Barnyyard/Flickr,

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