Mary Jane Clogs: Cheap & Chic

mary jane clogs cheap & chicThe utilitarian clog is not what it once was and has become downright sexy as of late. I've had my eye on these Sven buckle strap high heel clogs that can go straight from the afternoon kid birthday party to dinner out on the town.

Unfortunately, at almost $200, these clogs are too rich for my blood.

But you don't have to remain clogless (and neither do I!) as you can pick up one of the less expensive options out there that still retain the charm of the Sven MJ.


mary jane clogs cheap & chicAnother cute and feminine look is the Spring Step Cheri shoe with cut-out flower. For significantly less scratch, you can still kick these on for many occasions that do not include planting your garden.

mary jane clogs cheap & chic


Taking an even a smaller chunk out of your wallet is the Merona Marie Chop-Out Mules. Also girly, but easy to slip on, you can pick up these comfy kicks at your local Target.


Sven Custom Ankle Strap Buckle High Heel Clog ($193) -- Art Effect

Spring Step Cheri ($63.99) -- Zappos

Merona Marie Chop-Out Mules ($24.99) -- Target


Images (top to bottom): Art Effect, Zappos, Target


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