How to Cover Up at the Beach

victoria's secret terry romperFinding a perfect swimsuit cover-up can be a challenge. While you may love soaking up some rays, it's not exactly comfortable running to the snack bar, chasing a toddler, or walking from the car to the beach without feeling fully dressed.

At the same time, wearing thick materials or too much of a cover can weigh you down and make you sweat. Not cool when you're hitting the beach.

Here are three easy, breezy, and fashionable swimsuit cover-ups that hit that summer sweet spot.





Victoria's Secret Cover-Up Terry Romper

I know Lindsay is not a fan of the romper, but this terry cover-up not only reminds me of my own childhood, but it will also soak up that extra moisture after your swim. Leaving your shoulders bare but covering the lady parts is a perfect beach balance. It also means you can stop in a store on the boardwalk without feeling like you're flashing the owner.

handana tunic by athleta summer cover-upHandana Tunic by Athleta

This reminds me of the time I grabbed my nightgown as a cover-up because I forgot to pack one. Wearing a tank dress is an adorable and dressy option that still allows the sun in, while offering some coverage.

silk & sequin cover-up by venus


Silk & Sequin Tunic

At the risk of looking like Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon, this gauzy tunic is a great way to offer sun protection without the sweat. The air can rush right through this lightweight and seriously fashionable tunic, while still offering significant coverage.

Cover-Up Terry Romper ($24) -- Victoria's Secret

Handana Tunic ($29.99 -- $49.99) -- Athleta

Silk & Sequin Tunic ($39) -- Venus

Images (top to bottom): Victoria's Secret, Athleta, Venus

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