Katie Holmes' Mom Jeans: Chic or Tragic?

katie holmes and tom cruiseKatie Holmes is getting slammed all over blogland for wearing high-waisted "mom jeans" but honestly, I think she looks fantastic. And they're not even true "mom jeans" because they're wide-legged, not tapered.


I love this whole outfit: the jeans paired with the flannel shirt and aviator glasses. It's very retro 1970s -- I halfway expect her to be touting a "Make Love, Not War" sign. Unfortunately, I could never pull this look off (my booty is way too big and would increase by two-fold in high-waisted jeans), but she wears it nicely with her long legs and tiny waist.

Now can we please talk about Tom? Double denim ... yikes.

What do you think of her "mom jeans" look? Is it a fashion "do" or "don't"? Would you wear this look?


Image via Splash News

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