Silly Socks Make Me (And My Date) Happy

colorful socksAfter a particularly great fifth ... okay fourth third date, I found myself back at this guy's apartment enjoying some after-dinner wine. I took my boots off to get comfortable and he started laughing.


"What?" I asked, stricken with fear that my feet smelled bad.

"Those are adorable," he answered, pointing to my multi-colored polka-dot socks.

Then he pulled me close, and ... well I'll just stop there, this is a Beauty & Style post after all.

But silly socks? Who knew? I like to wear them just because it makes me feel like I'm wearing happiness underneath my uncomfortable shoes, but I never thought a guy would find them so endearing.

I'll have to wear my kitty cat socks next time. And for the record, we just snuggled and kissed, I swear!

Do you ever wear silly socks? Does your partner appreciate their silliness?

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