2 Under $10: Hair Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

shampooPantene Pro-V and Disney have partnered together for a program called Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which encourages us to grow, cut, and donate our hair to make real wigs for those that are battling certain types of illnesses, like cancer.


They sent me some information on the program, as well as two products (Breakage Defense Shampoo and Conditioner -- both $5.99) to help keep my hair from breaking, allowing it to grow longer, faster.

pantene pro-v conditionerI've donated my hair to before, so am not opposed to doing it again. Though, I did cry a ridiculous amount after 13" of my hair was cut off last time -- but, then I realized I did it for a good cause and quit my sniffling.

So if you feel like sharing your beautiful locks, definitely check out these two products.

Oh, and they smell nice, too!

Have you ever donated your hair? If so, how much did you cut off?

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