You Have a Hair ... WHERE?!

Chin Hair

Stray hairs.

We don't talk about them very often, but surely I'm not the only one who's found them in very weird places.

I have, for example, a solitary black hair that grows right in the middle of the top of my foot.

It's the strangest thing.

One of my stepdaughters has a single black chin hair. She jokes about stroking it when she's thinking about something. I've never actually seen this chin hair, but she swears it's there!

But the weirdest stray hair I've ever found was ...






... right below my eye!

But that wasn't the strange part. What was strange was that the hair was as fine and colorless as a piece of fiber. It would grow for months and begin feeling like I had a speck of dust on my face somewhere before I'd finally manage to pin it down between two fingers. And each time I located it (which, surprisingly, wasn't easy!), it was almost as long as my thumb!


So. Odd.

It stopped growing back after a while, but I've never quite recovered from the weirdness that was my superfine stray facial hair.

Anyway, I noticed my slightly-less-weird stray foot hair yesterday and thought I'd ask the unmentionable:

What's the strangest place you've found a stray hair?

These are the burning questions the world wants answers to, people.

You're welcome.


Image via *razee*/Flickr

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