Is Your Makeup Causing Adult Acne?

noncomedogenic makeupWhat's worse than adult acne? When I have a breakout I feel like an insecure teen again, which is so not good for my hard won 30-something confidence.

While hormones certainly play a big part in women with adult acne, I've been eyeing my makeup very critically lately and it turns out if you're using comedogenic makeup, it is to blame for that bout of adult acne.


I'm taking my arsenal into the dermatologist's office and letting him tell me what to toss and what to keep, but this great essay by Susan Wagner on BlogHer makes it easy if you're headed out to the makeup counter today: Don't buy anything that's not clearly marked noncomedogenic.

Wagner laments that she can no longer shop at a department store for cosmetics, and that bugs me a little bit too. But not as much as those painful growths that pop up right before I'm meeting new people and don't want them to notice my acne or assume I can only speak about the hottest Jonas and how long the Bieber is going to remain in style.

Clear pores equal clear skin, and noncomedogenic makeup is the only way to go if you're suffering through a second puberty.


Image via Neutrogena

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