Lady Gaga's Baseball Game Outfits: Which Is More Ridiculous?

Lady Gaga at Yankees GameEven as a self-proclaimed little monster (the Lady Gaga fanbase), I have to say "yikes" to her recent pantsless outfit choices at New York baseball games


She created quite the media frenzy at a Yankees game last Friday with drunken debauchery and that outfit. Fishnets, exposed bra, and a Yankees jersey (hey, at least she has team spirit!). Add a tank and shorts underneath, and you would've had a cute outfit, but that's just not Gaga fashion.

Lady Gaga at Mets Game

Less than a week before, she had attended a Mets game and wore a leather jacket and a flannel shirt open over a black-studded bra and matching panties, which went perfectly with that middle finger to the photogs. 

I get it that she's never one to dress normally, but I wish that she'd keep in mind that these are family-oriented places ... not a concert hall.

Gaga's Yankees vs. Mets outfits (hey, we have our very own fashion Subway Series) ... which was worse?


Images via Al Bello/Getty, Nick Laham/Getty

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