'True Beauty' Recap -- Would You Help a Person in Need?

Every Tuesday morning I'll blog about last night's True Beauty episode. Ten contestants think they're competing in a beauty contest to be the "Face of Vegas," but they're secretly being judged on their inner beauty.

Last week, these beauties were judged on their ability to take criticism and it came down between Liz and Taylor but *surprise* Regina got sent packing because she couldn't listen to house rules and ditch her cell.

Can I get an "amen"?! I'm glad this gal is gone.

This week, the contestants were judged on their willingness to help a person in need.

This'll be interesting ...

*Spoiler Alert*


So what does True Beauty define as a "person in need"? Wah, wah, wah ...

The bait was a gal searching through the trash looking for her engagement ring.

Now, I know that an engagement ring is uber-important, but come on! I was hoping it would be something like giving up your lunch to a homeless person on the street. Something with a little more substance.

Alas, all the girls but Liz helped and Taylor was the only guy to step in. Hmmm ...

It came down to Craig and David and -- fingers crossed David and his creepy porcupine hair get sent packing. Yah! David went home.

So how willing are you to help a person in need ... no matter how big or small the problem?

Here in NYC, there are so many people in need that we have been programmed to ignore what's going on in front of us and just live in our own little worlds.

Is that ok? No, but you can only do so much and many people choose working directly with charities rather than helping people on the street.

Plus, with a city with sooo many people, it's easy to think, Oh, someone else will help them.

I think, for me, I'd definitely go above and beyond to help a person truly in need ... like they are hungry, cold, or hurt -- or have helpless children.

However, if I was trapped in a room like the contestants, I'd help look for the ring for like 10 to 15 minutes then move on.

What would you do?

Images (top to bottom): ABC.com; ABC.com

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