Grey Nail Polish: I Tried It, I Like It!

grey nail polish on toesI have been a classic red or deep berry toe nail polish kind of girl for a long time now. We're talking years since my toes have seen any other color. I did go through a gold phase sometime in 2005 and the only reason I remember is because it's when my husband and I started dating and he commented on it. 

But I recently found a matte grey polish and thought ... hmm ... maybe it's time for a change. 


Yes, it's odd I choose to go dark on my toes just in time for summer, but maybe that's why I like it so much. It's unexpected, especially for me since I'm used to seeing my toes look like candy. But it's fun ... it matches with everything and it feels a little naughty -- like I'm going to hop on the back of my husband's motorcycle in a dress and heels kind of naughty.

China Glaze makes a DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde free matte grey for $1.46 on Amazon. The color is called Recycle and it's from their Ecollection.

I think I might try it on my fingernails next, but they are always naked (no polish), so it would be a huge step.

What do you think of dark grey nail polish? Would you try it?

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