The Romper: JUST SAY NO

At first, it seemed like a look we'd see only on the racks at Forever 21, or on certain fashionably challenged tweenagers whose mothers didn't know how to say, "Oh hell no."

But more and more, I'm spotting full-grown women wearing rompers.

Full-grown women!


This recent sighting was captured at Chicago's Midway Airport. Notice how the woman wearing it hangs her head in shame, as if realizing all too late how silly she looks in an outfit that would only truly work on a 4-year-old girl.

Oh romper, when will you ever go away?

Anyway, the whole romper issue brought to mind a burning question I'm sure you won't mind answering for me ...



What's the silliest trend you've fallen victim to?

I can tell you a few of mine offhand ...

  • A few years ago, I bought a Von Dutch hat. I don't think I ever wore it in public.
  • And let's not forget my Backtacular (which is now in a landfill somewhere in Nashville).

You see? I don't think you can outdo me in this category, WHICH IS A GOOD THING.

So come on! Spill your dirtiest fashion secret!

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