Make Your Own Swimsuit Out of Your Guy's Polo Shirt

I love the beach with a capital "L," but as I mentioned before, I'm not going into the ocean unless it's like bath water ... or 110 degrees out. And I also am loving bathing suits that aren't so skimpy. Who wants to fall out of a tiny bikini while chasing a toddler?

No one.

So when I spotted a DIY bathing suit tutorial, showing off a pretty rockabilly-style bathing suit, I was sold. Or at least ready to raid my boyfriend's closet looking for a polo shirt.

Yes, it's made from an shirt -- so don't plan on frolicking in the waves unless you want a soggy backside. (Your toddler won't mind that one!)

Pair with a headscarf and over-sized shades for a totally retro look.

See how it's done ...


It's for the seasoned DIYer so pay attention closely. There are quite a few steps but the end result is wunderbar.



What do you think? Would you try to make this?


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