Would You Buy a Designer Gown for Your Hospital Stay?

One of the most embarrassing parts of my first childbirth experience was when I checked into the maternity ward, changed into a standard-issue hospital gown, and then was instructed to walk the (very crowded) halls of the ward to help accelerate the labor process.


Perhaps my humiliation would have been eased by a designer hospital gown. Perhaps I would have felt better looking, not like a pregnant woman in pain, but a pregnant zebra in pain instead.

If only this Designer Hospital Gown in Zebra (Glamour Gowns, $64) had been available then!

But this isn't the only designer hospital gown I could have chosen.




At Labor Looks, you can find all kinds of designer gowns at even better prices -- between $38 and $48.

And these gowns aren't just for pregnant women; any fashionista going into the hospital for a few days can wear them.

I don't think I'd go so far as to buy one for myself, but I think these designer gowns would make great gifts for friends who are pregnant or having surgery (although I wouldn't recommend the zebra print!).

And they have particular benefits for those who are giving birth -- after all, we ladies want to look good for our little ones' first pictures, right?

What do you think of designer hospital gowns? Would you buy one for yourself if you had to go into the hospital for a few days? Would you buy one for a friend?


Images via ShopGlamGowns.com and LaborLooks.com

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