Capris: Dos and Don'ts



I have always hated capri pants.

But lately, I've been tempted to go against my no-capris rule and actually buy a pair.

I couldn't understand my change of heart until I snapped this photo at Chicago's Midway Airport.

Look at the fabulously dressed woman in the center of the photo and then check out the ladies on either side.

Notice anything interesting?









The women on either side are wearing traditional capris that do absolutely nothing for them. They're baggy and formless and they end at the fattest part of their lower legs.


But the woman in the center is wearing a pair of slim-fitting capris, which are all the rage this season. Worn with a long, loose-fitting top or in her case, a truly fabulous tunic, they are totally slimming and flattering to her figure. She happens to be blessed with a tall, willowy frame, but slim-fitting stretch capris can work on any figure -- the key is wearing something on top that covers your hips and bum.

Need some ideas?

These technically are crop pants and not capris, but if you like the look of a higher-legged, slim-fitting pant, I personally LOVE this stretch twill Minnie pant (J. Crew, $79.50), which comes in several colors, including black and khaki. It is very slim-fitting, but still looks like a sturdy pant on, rather than leggings. J. Crew also makes the Minnie pant in denim and Italian wool. I'm wearing my stretch twill Minnies in the first picture of this post. Theywere a splurge for me, but totally worth it. I'll wear them for years.


I'm totally intrigued by these Push-Up Control Capris (ShapeFX, $39), which have a built-in mesh panty that promises to help flatten your tummy and shape your rear. They come in white and black.


Finally, check out these Jeanology Stretch Capris (Newport News, $25). Nice price, huh? These also come in lots of different colors.

What do you think of capris? Would you consider wearing a slim-fitting pair?


Images (top to bottom): Lindsay Ferrier;;;

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