2 Under $10: Couture Manicure Polishes

aqua nail polishInspired by YSL's new couture manicure collection coming out this fall, I'm wanting to do my own (cheaper) version of the edgy French manicure.

Though their color combos make me swoon, I'd go another route with an aqua and red combination. I saw these two colors paired at a wedding once and have been in love with them together ever since.


Red nail polish It has a very retro feel to it. I'd use the aqua color (East Village by New York Minute, $1.99) for the main portion and ever so lightly graze the tip with a red (Lollipop by Essie, $8).

It'd be like a pretty aqua Louboutin heel (who's trademark is the red sole) in nail form.

What would your couture manicure color combo be?

Image via New York Color, Essie

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