'Something Blue' Accessories for the Bride

Something Blue Wedding Accessories
I'm sure you've heard of the wedding custom "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." The bride is supposed to wear one of each on her big day for good luck.


The "something old" symbolizes continuity of the bride's family and past. "Something new" means optimism for the future, and "something borrowed" is an item borrowed from someone who is happily married in hopes that their good fortune will carry over.

As for the "something blue," the color blue has been connected to weddings since the Victorian era and represents love, good fortune, and fidelity. There are tons of ways the bride can incorporate the hue, but one simple way is with accessories. Even if your wedding colors are red and orange, you can easily sneak in a little bit of blue in the form of an accessory without throwing off the color scheme.

  • Garter: The go-to way of sneaking in the blue. No one knows it's there except for you (well, until the reception when the groom tosses it to his bachelor buds).
  • Shoes: Have an unexpected splash of color underneath that big white dress.
  • Brooch: Depending on your dress, you might be able to pin on a brooch with a hint of blue. I love this antique-looking one from Fantasy Jewelry Box. It'd also look great perched in the bride's bouquet. 
  • Jewelry: I tend to lean toward large statement pieces and the thought of wearing a big bold ring (like this one from Amazon) on my wedding day doesn't scare me in the least bit. However, if you like a more traditional look, go with a pair of pretty blue studs.
  • Clutch: You may need something to hold some emergency items such as safety pins, tissues, and bobby pins, so might as well make it blue. 

What was your "something blue" on your big day?

Image via Polyvore.com

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