A Mascara That Lasts 4 Days, Falsies & Eyebrow Magic

Remember a few years ago when everyone was getting their lashes tinted?

It gave the look of mascara and lasted about a month. It's mainly great for fair-haired gals that want darker, fuller lashes without everyday makeup.

Well, now you can skip the salon because Tarte makes a 4 Day Stay Lash Stain ($18). It uses long-lasting pigment that clings to lashes even in the pool or shower.

Your lashes will remain soft and flexible with no smudging. Plus, it's free of sulfates, petro-chems, phthalates, and synthetic dyes and fragrances -- great for products going near your peepers.

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If your lashes are barely noticeable and you want a more luxe look, try Make Up For Ever Eyelashes ($15). These falsies add depth and intensify your eyes for a totally glam look.

They come in a variety of styles from spiky black brown to black swoops with crystals. You can find something for everyday at the office or a one-time funky event.

If you're like me -- thick Italian hair -- you don't need a brow serum. If you're fair-haired like my mother (she's a blonde turned redhead), you might want fuller brows. Anastasia (the waxer to the stars) has a new Brow Enhancing Serum ($36).

It's colorless and odorless with proteins and vitamins to restore, condition, and repair brows.

Would you use any of these products or would you rather go au naturel?

Images (top to bottom): Sephora; Sephora; Sephora

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