Summer Beauty Essentials Under $30: Are You Ready to Bare It All?

shoba sugaring waxNow that summer is officially approaching, are you bikini ready? Don't worry, I'm not ready either.

Around my birthday (May 8), I decided that I wanted to wax my legs.

I'm Italian so I have thick, dark hair. So much so that (TMI warning) I have to shave my pits every day. I know, crazy. So you can imagine what my legs are like ... picture a tiny forest.

I went straight to CVS and picked up Sally Hansen's Waxing Kit. I went home and started the process.

Bracing myself for the first pull, I was excited and nervous. How much would it hurt?


I ripped and it wasn't that bad. I checked out the strip and no hair ... no wonder it didn't hurt. Nothing ripped out! What a jip!

Perhaps it works okay for finer-haired peeps, but no dice for my Italiano hair. So, I was telling my friend at Shohba (an awesome Indian waxing place in NYC) and she suggested their Sugaring ($30) waxing kit. Since Indian people have similar dark hair, I was optimistic. And it worked! Sugaring is easier on the skin since the sugar attaches to the hair only, not the skin.

Now that I'm clean as a whistle, here are two more beauty summer essentials I need, like now.

sephora tanning mist

sephora sun safety kit











I love to be tan but wrinkles aren't cool ... flash-forward 20 years. So tan in a can is the way to go. Sephora has a great Body Self-Tanning Tinted Bronzing Mist ($12) that flows evenly from the can so you get a streak-free look. Bonus: No blending required and no orange skin and palms.

Next is Sephora's Sun Safety Kit ($25). It comes with a bevy of sun essentials like UV monitoring bracelets, self-tanning mousse, SPF lip balm, lotion, eye cream, foundation, and more. The trial-size bottles should last through summer and it's great for trying out items without a big commitment.

What is your summer beauty essential?

Images (top to bottom): Shobha; Sephora; Sephora

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