Rihanna's Hot Hair Streaks, New Hair Dye Technique: Links I Love

at-home hair dyeI am desperately needing to dye my hair, the greys seem to double by the day. Ugh. It'll have to wait though until I have the time and money to spend at the salon (I don't trust myself to do it at home). In the meantime, here are some hair dyeing links I love:

  • I'm loving Rihanna's daring dark hair streaks but am too much of a wuss to try that as a permanent look. However, I can rock it for a night using a TouchBack marker. -- Stylelist
  • Scientists have been trying to figure out for decades the effects of using permanent hair dye (besides your new look afterwards). So, are there health risks to using it? -- Komo News
  • Interlacing is an up-and-coming new hair color technique that consists of braiding the hair, then dyeing it, creating a multi-tone look. -- Vogue UK
  • If you want to forgo the chemicals, try using natural ingredients for creating your own hair dye. -- Nature Moms

Do you dye your hair? What color?

Image via House of Sims/Flickr


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