Ralph Lauren Sandals: My Favorite Splurge of the Season

I've found a few fabulous pairs of shoes this season, from a drop dead gorgeous $49 pair of platform heels to a fierce pair of stiletto cork sandals (free with my credits from Ideeli!).

But I realized a few weeks ago that I was lacking one thing -- a comfortable pair of neutral sandals.

So when I went birthday shopping recently, I looked for a pair, and after hours of searching, I found ... these. Or maybe they found me. The way I remember it, a light shone down from Heaven into the Dillard's Ladies' Shoe Department, illuminating them, while angels sang in the background ...


I ordered a pair of this Lauren by Ralph Lauren Jacqueline Sandal (Dillards, $89) in my size, slipped them on my feet, and was transported.

Transported! This was the softest leather I had ever felt in my life! I didn't want to take them off -- EVER! I HAD to have them!

They were $89. And they weren't on sale.

I don't know about you, but I never, ever splurge on shoes -- because there are always racks upon racks of shoes on deep discount in the shopping malls, not to mention stores like Payless and DSW and TJ Maxx with shoes that look and feel just as good as their $300 counterparts in the more expensive stores.

But these shoes? I HAD to HAVE them! It was a splurge, yes, but it was also my birthday, so ...

Thanks, Mom and Dad! I love my new shoes!

This may be the best shoe splurge ever. I love mine so much, I'm now stalking them online in other colors, ready to pounce on them the MOMENT they go on sale!

And my spring splurge story got me thinking: What's been your favorite splurge recently? What's something beauty or style-related you've bought that you feel absolutely no guilt over buying, even though it cost more than you'd ordinarily spend?

I want to know about it!


Image via Dillards.com

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