How to Apply False Eyelashes

Here's another question I often get asked by my friends:

How do I wear false eyelashes without looking like Liza Minnelli?

Friends, I've got answers!

First, go to your nearest drugstore and buy individual lashes -- not the strip of lashes. I use Andrea Perma-Lash Flair Short Black (Walgreens, $3.49). Be sure and buy short lashes. Medium length look totally fake.

Next ...


Look for eyelash adhesive glue. I prefer DUO Eyelash Adhesive Dark Tone (Walgreens, $6.49), and I'm pretty sure I've tried them all. This glue may seem pricey, but it will last you FOREVER. Also, you'll be tempted to get the "clear" glue, but I've found that the clear glue shows up on my eyelashes, while the dark blends in with my mascara and liner.



Next, squeeze out a tiny droplet of glue onto a surface. I'm lazy and use my false eyelash container. I also squirted out WAY too much. You only need the teeniest, tiniest bit, and even then, you won't use it all.







Now, take a pair of tweezers and gently pick up one of the lashes by the ends. I use tweezers because it's SO MUCH EASIER this way than it would be if I used my fingers.






Dip the base end of the eyelash into the glue -- you only need a tiny smidge of glue, so do this very carefully. See how I'm almost like a surgeon here? 







Next, I pull my lid taut and place the eyelash at the outer corner of my eyelid. I try to put the false lash right at the exact space where my lid and real eyelashes meet.






Open your eye and quickly, before the glue dries, adjust the lash gently with one finger until it sits in line with the rest of your lashes.





Now, it's time for another lash! I put four lashes on the outer half of each eye, lining up the lashes right beside each other at the base and adjusting them so that they look natural.

Here's a close-up of the finished product.





And here's what I look like from a normal distance.

It takes a little practice, but in time, you can apply false eyelashes in under five minutes.


A few notes:

Only apply lashes after you're completely done with your makeup. It should be your very last step. You can put mascara on your false lashes, but I don't advise it. They look much more natural without the mascara.

I typically only wear false eyelashes at night, when I won't be in direct sunlight. They are noticeable in bright light. If you're not sure, check your makeup mirror in your car when you get outside. If you don't like how they look, you can easily pull one or two or all of them off -- it won't affect your makeup.

I think that's it. Any questions? Do you wear false eyelashes? Will you try them now?

how to apply false eyelashes

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