Boden: Style Inspiration

I have no idea why Boden started sending me catalogs, but I'm glad they did because I took one look inside and instantly decided ...

I want to be a Boden girl.

The look of the Boden girl is irresistible -- carefree, naturally beautiful, laughing on the beach and at parties with other beautiful people, and dressed in the most whimsical yet comfortable-looking dresses, caftans, and tunics.

Boden, however, is slightly beyond my budget (although I'll be scouring its sale racks), which is why as of now, it's more of a style inspiration than reality.

Join me for a moment in my Boden fantasy scenario. We're all on vacation at some oceanfront enclave of the rich and famous. We are gorgeous. We are fashionable. We are Boden ...

(And this dress, incidentally, is known as the Pebble Spot Sundress (Boden, $98.)




Can't you just imagine yourself sipping on a citrus-y drink in this Funloving Floral Dress (Boden, $98)? It's a bold look and a beautiful one.


I'm just sure you could pull off this Pleated Crinkle Dress (Boden, $98). It's a perfect look for the beach -- or anywhere else, for that matter!


And then there's this Applique Maxi Dress (Boden, $128), which I've been gazing at all spring. If I had this dress, I'm pretty sure that my life would be perfect!


Or maybe I'd opt for this Silk Tunic (Boden $128) if I had a few (hundred) extra dollars to spare. Decisions, decisions!


This Printed Tunic (Boden, $88) is calling my name! Can you hear it? Is it calling yours, too?

What do you think of Boden? Do you want to be a Boden girl as badly as I do?


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