True Beauty Recap -- Can You Take Criticism?

true beauty
Photo by ABC

Last week, the contestants on True Beauty were judged on keeping the secret to a magic trick. It came down to Michael and Regina and Michael got the boot.

This week they're being judged on being able to take criticism and play fairly.

See who could dish it but not take it.

*Spoiler Alert*


They hit the streets of Las Vegas to interview tourists on camera. They were then judged on their skills.

The contestants were given questions to ask the tourists and told not to look at them until they get on the street with their camera crew. The judges rigged the elevator with a secret cam to see who would peek when no one was looking.

The results: 5 passes and 3 fails. Surprisingly, all the men passed and all the women failed! Tsk, tsk, ladies!

Then on to the focus group. The contestants watched from behind a two-way mirror as the focus group (which was for real) commented on their interview abilities -- good and bad.

It came down to booze-aholic Liz and well-educated Taylor. But surprise, neither of them was going home ... another contestant was. Dun, dun, dun. Turns out that one of the contestants broke the rules by using a cell phone, which is prohibited. It was Regina and she was sent packing.

Personally, I think constructive criticism pertaining to beauty and fashion is okay, but it totally depends on the delivery and if you ask for the other person's opinion. If someone comes out and tells me something unpleasant -- like you're a little wide for horizontal stripes, try all black next time -- without me asking if they like my outfit, I'd be pissed.

Bottom line, if I ask for your advice I want your honest opinion. If I didn't ask, keep your trap shut!

However, that rule only goes for friends and my boyfriend. If I don't know you, you must say only nice things, thank you very much. Or say it behind my back.

How well do you take criticism? And do you have a different set of rules for sig-o's and friends?

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