Cute Things From Kmart. Yes. Kmart.

Kmart Fashion
Even those of you who are just now getting to know me here on The Stir should be able to tell by now that I am not a label snob.

I have shopped Neiman Marcus and I have shopped Goodwill and I have bought things from both stores that I love and wear often.

It doesn't matter to me where I get the outfit -- It just has to look good.

But I'll be honest. While I've been to Kmart plenty of times, I've never been impressed with the discount chain's clothing.

Now though, times have changed. Kmart has a new team of design consultants on board and the innovation convinced me to take another look at its clothing department.

Check out what I found. I think many of you will be pleasantly ... shocked.





Kmart dress
Let's start with the dress that's making me die a little inside. This Spense Gingham V-Neck Dress (Kmart, $39.99) has a deliciously retro feel, and it's PERFECT for summer. I am itching to click the Add to Cart button on this one!


Kmart Tunic
This Jaclyn Smith Circle Print Stone Studded Tunic (Kmart, $17.49) would look fab over a pair of shorts. Remember the style inspiration I showed you with Trina Turk's summery (but expensive) tunics? Here's the look for a tiny fraction of the cost!


Kmart Sunglasses
These Jaclyn Smith Dark Tortoise Butterfly Wrap Sunglasses (Kmart, $12.99) have the look of a pair that cost $100+.


Kmart dress
This Jaclyn Smith Women's Sleeveless Beaded Neckline Shift Dress (Kmart, $20.99) is so Ann Taylor it kills me. Get this one quick -- at this price, it's almost sold out.


Kmart Denim Jacket
I couldn't not tell you about this Route 66 Denim Jacket (Kmart, $11.99). That's no typo, y'all. It's $11.99. Need I say more?


Kmart Maxi Dress
Here's my inexpensive alternative to the lovely maxi dress Annalynne McCord was wearing in this recent post. Put a pair of long yellow beads with this Route 66 Maxi Dress (Kmart, $17.49), and you're as stylish as any starlet!

There are many more cute dresses and sunglasses to choose from at, as well as great basic shorts, crop pants, and jeans. Give it a shot, stylistas!

All I need now is a name for Kmart that doesn't sound so ... Kmarty. I'm thinking Kay's. Feel free to add your own idea in the comments.

What do you think of "the new" Kmart? Did you have any idea about this state of affairs?


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