American Eagle, I Think I Love You

AE Skirt, $19.95
I haven't paid much attention to American Eagle since my stepdaughters swooned over the store back in junior high.

But lately, the name has once again come to my attention. Even Taylor Swift has been seen this season sporting AE gear.

It's clear the label has undergone a reinvention, and it was time for me to give it one more shot. The verdict?

I LOVE the new AE. It's like an affordable Gap, except ... prettier. And more affordable.

This Heart Chiffon Skirt (AE, $19.95), for example? DESPERATELY. WANT. And that's just one of many, many items on my AE wish list. See for yourself ...




Sandals, $19.95
These T-Strap Sandals (AE, $19.95) are the same ones Taylor Swift was spotted wearing. So simple! So cute! SO INEXPENSIVE!


Vest, $29.95
If I could have gone to Coachella, I totally would have wanted to rock this Beaded Vest (AE, $29.95).


AE Skirt, $19.95
This flirty white smocked skirt (AE, $19.95) is the essence of summer and I'm very busy picturing myself in it ... because if I can dream it, I can achieve it. AM I RIGHT?!


AE Flats, $11.95
I challenge you to find a better price than this on pretty gold ballet flats (AE, $11.95). They also come in pewter.


AE Denim Jacket, $39.95
I've featured this Classic Denim Jacket (AE, $39.95) before, but it's worth showing you again. It's a fantastic price.

Have you shopped American Eagle lately? Did I convince you to give it a(nother) try?

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