J.C. Penney: The Cool Girl's Style Secret

Maxi Dress
JCPenney, $39.99
I've been hearing lately that J.C. Penney has stepped up its game and is offering some really cute clothes for sale.

So I wasn't surprised to learn that the retailer has tapped both hot designer Charlotte Ronson and the Olsen twins to design lower-cost clothing lines for the department store chain.

Both lines, Olsenboye and I ♥ Ronson, are definitely worth checking out. And if you need any further convincing, just take a look at this gorgeous I ♥ Ronson tiered maxi dress (JC Penney, $39.99). As a mom, I'm absolutely loving the floaty maxi dresses I've bought for this season. They're cool, comfortable, and work for just about every occasion I can dream up.

And this is just one of my favorite J.C. Penney looks. Check out a few more of my top picks --





Denim Vest
JCPenney.com, $29.99
I'm very fond of this I ♥ Ronson denim vest (JC Penney, $29.99). It's one of my favorite trends of summer -- Can you think of an easier way to cover a mummy tummy?


Gladiator Sandals
JCPenney.com, $34.99
This Olsenboye Beverly sandal (JC Penney, $34.99) is my favorite gladiator sandal of the season simply because it actually has a low heel. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a gladiator sandal with even a tiny bit of a lift to it -- I'm personally not a huge fan of completely flat shoes.


Gladiator Sandals
JCPenney.com, $42.99
Still looking for an affordable trench coat? There's never been a better time to pick one up! Check out this I ♥ Ronson trench coat (JCPenney.com, $42.99). Trench coats may be hot this season, but they never go out of style. And the belt's not included, by the way. Also, the sleeves are removable, but I'm not advocating that you remove them. A trenchcoat vest is just a horror. There's no way around it.


Little White Dress
JCPenney.com, $24.99
Finally, this floaty Olsenboye rouched white dress (JC Penney, $24.99) is terribly cute, isn't it? I love the skirt and at this price, you could wear it out and about or just to the pool or beach.

Are you surprised to see these on trend clothes at "Jacques Penne´" as I like to call it, or did you already know about this style secret?

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