'Twilight' Lovers: Bella's Engagement Ring Could Be Yours

bella engagement ring twilight eclipseYou've seen Kristen Stewart's engagement ring in the Twilight movie, right? Well, not her engagement ring -- she's not promised to Robert Pattinson ... yet. But her character's ring -- Bella. Oh wait! You didn't! Edward proposed at the end of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, but the ring doesn't show up until Eclipse. There it is (at right) -- it's a gorgeous diamond oval.

First I must confess: I might be the only person who hasn't seen the Twilight movies. Or cares about them. But I love reading about Kristen and Robert, and I even get all cheerleadery about Team Jacob and Team Edward. (I flip-flop.) So maybe I'm more of a Twi-soft rather than a Twi-hard.

And engagement rings always get me excited. So when I saw this replica for $35, I just had to share.


You can get it in 14K gold plating or silver (rhodium plating) and it features 13 cubic zirconias. Bella's Fashion Engagement Ring is on sale for $35 -- original price $59 -- from Infinite Jewelry.

twilight engagement ring

Oh it is so pretty! And for all you ladies who want it in the real deal gold and diamonds -- print this out and give it to a jeweler to make one for you. Or, um, give it to your boyfriend. Hint. Hint.

What do you think of Bella's engagement ring?


Images (top to bottom) Twilight; Infinite Jewelry Co.

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