Lip Gloss and Eye Shadow Palettes: 2 Under $20

lip gloss; $10
While there are some beauty products that I'll use the same brand/color for till the end of time (Almay black eyeliner), I like to mix it up every once in awhile when it comes to eye shadows and lip color.

However, I do not like having a cluttered makeup bag, shelf, drawer, so I usually try to get those compacts that have an array of colors to choose from.


E.L.F.; $5
The Magic Lip Gloss Palette from Sephora gives you a rainbow of colors that range from red to gold to pale pink. You can also mix-and-match (if you're olive-skinned, try mixing the dark red with the gold) and it's tiny size makes for easy portability. 

I love E.L.F. products. They're so cheap! And they don't have fished-out-of-the-bin-at-the-drugstore quality. This particular palette has 12 eyeshadows, two cream shadows, an eyeliner, and shadow brush. For $5!

Do you tend to buy color palettes for makeup or do you stick to one color?

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