The Camelflage: Now I've Seen It All

Yes. The Camelflage privacy undergarment is for real.

Yes. It promises to eliminate "cameltoe."

But the best part of the site? The before and after pics ...


The Camelflage's designer, mysteriously known only as Shannon, says she's a wife, mother, and yoga aficionado who suffered an embarrassing problem during her sessions ...


She looked everywhere for something to solve her dilemma, but couldn't find anything on the market. So she created her own.

"I designed a patent pending women's panty that has a built-in flexible, breathable insert to smooth out her 'Labia Major' AKA 'cameltoe,'" she writes. "Covering the insert is a Sportek wicking fabric that pulls moisture away from your body and keeps you dry."

But the question is ...


See for yourself.

Before Camelflage

After Camelflage
Wow. What a difference a Camelflage makes.

You can get a Camelflage thong or brief for the low low price of $19.99 (before shipping and taxes)

And now that I've shown you the Camelflage, I've gotta know ...

Are you buying it?

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