How to Get the Boyfriend Look Without the Boyfriend

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Who says you need a man's closet to raid in order to get the boyfriend look that's so hot right now? Yeah, it may be cheaper, but don't feel like you can't rock this look just because you may not have a boyfriend, nor do you have to shop the boys' section at the department store.


There are plenty of for-girls-only options, inspired by the masculine clothes but cut to fit a woman's body ... even better!

Instead of ...

  • A Man's Undershirt: Instead, I'd pair a basic v-neck tee with some chunky accessories, skinny jeans, and heels, and top it off with a fedora. Best of all, no gross dude underarm stains. 
  • His Watch: The chunky, masculine watch is in, meaning you don't have to go to the men's department to wear one on your dainty, feminine wrist. The one shown here from Yes Style is only $38.
  • His Jeans: Boyfriend jeans have become so popular that it's an actual style of jeans for women now. No man needed!
  • Oxford Button-Down: If you can find one long enough, this is a great look to turn into a shirt dress, but it also looks good with jeans, and the women's version is cut to hug our curves. 
  • Belt: The leather belt with the square buckle is a standard in most men's wardrobes, but now it's being sold on the women's side of the store as well, like this one from Gap. I like pairing mine with high-waisted dress pants and a ruffled blouse for a nice mix. 
  • Tuxedo Vest: You won't look like a groomie if you pair a feminine tuxedo vest (like this one from Go Jane) with a basic tee, jeans, and heels.
  • Boyfriend Blazer: I've tried rocking the boyfriend blazer look with one of my own suit blazers -- fashion FAIL. Luckily, they have this men's style of blazer available for women. 

Do you like the boyfriend look?

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